For as long as he can remember, Carl Cohen has always been around watches and jewelry. From his earliest memories he can recall visiting the family owned jewelry store where he would view the watch cases with wonder, or that awe that came over him viewing precious gemstones glisten with light as his father opened stone papers.

Throughout the years while working in retail jewelry, Carl developed his own formal “informal” education of watches. He loves that there is something special and unique about watches, as each one has its own set of stories, memories and history. Carl pours over the extreme detail that goes into creating a fine timepiece and enjoys the subtle details that separate one watch from another. With over 10 years of experience in the vintage watch business Carl has consulted for and helped numerous websites launch and build their own vintage watch business with outstanding results. In 2012 Carl formally launched CMT Fine Watch and Jewelry Advisors and provides a variety of services including: sourcing of product, consulting,collection creation, merchandizing, curation, marketing and promotion and business development.


CMT Fine Watch and Jewelry Advisors is Based in New York, New York